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Ordering A Commission

If you are thinking of ordering a commission here are a few guidelines and FAQ.

Much of this applies to our pet/people commissions but we also undertake other commissions eg landscapes, family photos, cars, planes...anything really!

  • Before we can accept a commission it is essential that you provide us with HD images, this is so important in order to capture the detail and character and therefore achieve the best results

  • Please send a selection of photos so  we can discuss all the options and remember the eyes show us the character so these must be clear.

  • The best images are taken in natural light, close up to avoid us having to zoom in and blur the image, at a good angle and in focus so we can see all the details to get a lifelike portrait.

  • If you haven't got a good photo and can't get one eg your pet has sadly passed away, then we can work from a reference photo that you are happy resembles your pet.

       We can discuss any differences and add or remove them from the final piece.

  • If you supply a photo and want something added or removed eg a collar then please mention this at the time of ordering to avoid disappointment.

  • If you have more than one pet but not on the same photo thats fine we can do a collage. As long as the individual photos are high quality we will prepare a mock up and agree with you positioning etc.

  • If you require a full body portrait or more than one subject we recommend an A3 portrait to enable us to add as much detail as possible.

       We often find customers are happy with a head and shoulder portrait

       which works well on A3 paper.

  • With graphite or colour pencil portraits we do not include a background unless requested as this detracts from the subject.

  • We now offer digital portraits and the price includes a print of the artwork


  • If you prefer an oil painting we can include a background which we can discuss with you.

  • Our work is realistic and we would always recommend a colour portrait especially if you want a lifelike look, however please remember that it will not be a photo and there may be slight differences in shading.

  • If you like the look of black and white portraits however thats fine, it's your portrait!!

  • If you would like to commission us to do a landscape or something else we can discuss any size and media depending on the subject.

  • Once we have agreed on all the above and the price, we require a 25% deposit to start.


  • We always send photos of our work in progress so we can make sure you are happy with what we are doing or if anything needs changing, after all it's your painting.

We hope this post has answered most of your questions.

We have some more FAQ below or if we have missed something, email or message us.

we are always open!

Rachel, Rebekah & Sarah: Art By Three


Price List 2023

Frequently Asked Questions


We can mount and back your portraits but please be aware the postage cost increases 


Postage depends on the size of the commission, whether it is mounted, framed or is a box canvas.

It also depends on the value. Anything over £50 will be sent by Royal Mail special delivery.

If you live within a reasonable distance and would like to collect please ask, we would love to meet you! We can ship worldwide but obviously this will be reflected in the price of the postage.


You can pay by bank transfer or paypal whichever you prefer.

We do offer payment plans otherwise the remainder is required on completion.

How Long Will It Take?

This depends on how big, how many subjects and which media. We will always let you have a guide and if you need it for a specific date we will tell you honestly if its possible. Pencil portraits take less time as oils need to dry which can take 3 weeks

If you have any other questions just message or email us!


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